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CGT20054Teacher Christina Gordon Public School2019/06/172019/06/20Open
FMCHC20001Educational AssistantEducational Assistant - Band 5Composite High School2019/06/172019/06/21Open
FMCHT20052TeacherTeacher Junior High Science, Physical EducationComposite High School2019/06/142019/06/21Open
FMCHT20053TeacherTeacher English Language Learner's ClassroomComposite High School2019/06/142019/06/21Open
DOT20025Vice PrincipalVice Principal Ecole McTavish 2019-2020District Office2019/06/132019/06/18Open
FMCHT20050TeacherTeacher - K & E, Junior High, OptionsComposite High School2019/06/132019/06/19Open
WGHT20051TeacherTeacher - Grade 3Walter and Gladys Hill Public School2019/06/132019/06/19Open
CASUAL SEC19/20SecretaryCasual Secretary - 2019/20 school yearDistrict Office2019/06/122020/07/31Open
DCT20049TeacherTeacher Grade 2Dr. Clark Public School2019/06/122019/06/17Open
FMCHT20048TeacherTeacher Junior High Science and Social StudiesComposite High School2019/06/122019/06/17Open
CASUAL 2019-20Educational AssistantEducational Assistant - Casual positionDistrict Office2019/06/122020/07/31Open
CASUAL CUSTOD19CustodianCasual Custodian 2019-2020DO Custodial Department2019/06/122020/07/31Open
DCT20041TeacherTeacher - Grade 5Dr. Clark Public School2019/06/112019/06/17Open
FMIST20042TeacherTeacher - Grade 2Islamic School2019/06/112019/06/17Open
FMIST20043TeacherTeacher - Grade 3Islamic School2019/06/112019/06/17Open
FMIST20044TeacherTeacher - Grade 4Islamic School2019/06/112019/06/17Open
FMIST20045TeacherTeacher - Grade 6Islamic School2019/06/112019/06/17Open
FMIST20046TeacherTeacher - Junior High Math and ScienceIslamic School2019/06/112019/06/17Open
FMIST20047TeacherTeacher - Junior High English Language Arts & Social StudiesIslamic School2019/06/112019/06/17Open
WGHT20007TeacherTeacher - Reggio Inspired KindergartenWalter and Gladys Hill Public School2019/06/112019/06/19Open
WVT20039TeacherTeacher - Grade 1Westview Public School2019/06/112019/06/17Open
WVT20040TeacherTeacher - Grade 6Westview Public School2019/06/112019/06/17Open
DFT20038TeacherTeacher - Music SpecialistDickinsfield School2019/06/102019/06/17Open
WGHT20024TeacherTeacher Music and Literacy SupportWalter and Gladys Hill Public School2019/06/102019/06/21Open
BHT20022TeacherTeacher ECDPBeaconhill Public School2019/06/072019/06/21Open
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